I Know Why the Caged Yoni Sings:Tips on How to Have a Liberated Yoni.

I Know Why the Caged Yoni Sings:Tips on How to Have a Liberated Yoni.

Aug 17th 2019

Someone help me!!! Help! Heeeellllpppp!

This is the voice of many vaginas around the world.

She is lost. She is stuck and is trying to find her way to her throne of power.

Many women are faced with female reproductive issues that may leave them confused and quiet.

Shamed of admitting to problems our vaginas may have because it is what many refer to as being a woman.

But this doesn’t have to be. We as women can learn to have a healthy yoni. Free from pain, sadness, bitterness, and other things that causes us to feel less than.

A liberated yoni is when a woman whom has taken measures into healing her womb space from problems she has faced on her journey through life. She knows she is better than those issues and rises above and beyond the cage of a slaved yoni to happier beautiful brilliant yoni.

Ladies I am here to tell you it is possible to have a liberated yoni. It is possible to heal from your aliments and it is possible to have as many orgasms as you please on your own by yourself. Even without touching yourself.

Yes!!! I said it!!! You can have an orgasm without touching yourself.

Trust me I know. I experience this sacred sensual pleasure when and wherever I want without the need of a man.

So how do you get to this level of Yoni Power you ask?

Follow these steps into having an orgasmic sweet-smelling honey dripping sister girl!!!

Steps on how to have a Liberated Yoni:

1. Find the source of your aliment.

This point is the initial step into awakening your yoni power. Whether it be a painful menstruation cycle, ovarian cyst, vaginal odor, emotional problems…Whatever the case may be. The source of the issue is causing your vagina misfortune and these are its physical or emotional manifestations. Getting to the deep source of your aliment is key to your healing process. A lot of women have experienced sexual trauma in her past which could be a driving factor to an out of tune vagina. Other events could be true as well. Take the strength to go find them.

Ask your womb. Why are you so angry or sad…? Listen to what comes up and write everything down. You’ll be surprised to see old events that you may have forgotten about come up.

2. Release those blockages.

Once you have found the source of your aliments you will realize that those problems are nothing, but blockages that causes your suffering. It can be physical, emotional, mental, or even spiritual means of reflection. Find a way to help heal those issues. Whether you decide to change your diet, exercise, meditate, talk to someone, or even use yoni healing methods like, yoni eggs to release the trapped trauma it all helpful. Know what works for you and dig deep into that thang… “Literally”!!!

3. Change your ideology about women and the yoni.

We all know that the state of the feminine power has been at its all-time low for some time now. We are constantly being degraded, belittled, and used as tools wherever we look. On television, the radio, the news! It’s like we are seen as nothing, but vessels for children, and nothing more. But that is no more. We as women must rise to understanding our own greatness in the hands of ourselves as the reflection of feminine energy itself. We are powerful beyond measure and can and will heal ourselves to bring back this divine nature. It is much needed.

Review the way you see yourself as a woman. Notice your train of thought on a daily basis. Is it positive or is it negative against your of feminine beauty. What are thoughts about other women? What is a woman to you? Write down what comes up. You’ll begin to see your patterns which may be tied into your aliments as well. Positive affirmations can be helpful when negativity comes up.

4. Surrender to your feminine nature.

Learn to be more feminine in your own way. Many womb problems are centered on unbalanced female energy. Whether if it’s too much or too little. Getting in touch with this energy is key to our growth as women. Find ways to see how you can be more feminine. I personally started wearing more dresses. Oh chile!!! And that was refreshing especially with no panties!!!

Seek positive feminine reflections and embody them wholeheartedly. Let the beautiful, sensual, graceful energy emulate from you entire well-being.

5. Love…Love…Love

How much time do you spend caring for your vagina? I mean deep caring. Not just drinking smoothies so she can taste sweet for your man! Queen, do you love your yoni? Then tell her! I chant “I love my YONI!!!” every minute I get. Love is the grand force of them all. It is the Goddess. By giving this energy to your aliments will create a brighter yoni. Don’t just say you love your yoni. Show it by everything you do and be sure your man does the same thing. The partners you choose are a direct reflection of how you treat your womb. Choose wisely.

Now that you have steps. Girrrlll!!!! It is time to go out there and strut that Yoni Power and put that pussy on the wall!

Know and express your worth.

Yes, it will be hard journey, but it is a beautiful journey for all women.

Liberating my yoni has been one of the most powerful methods I have experienced.

From my amazing orgasms to deep connection with my inner self. I am free!

May we all grow into healthier beautiful women.

Oh and have more ORGASMS!!! Yaaassss!!!!

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