Bacteria Vaginosis

Bacteria Vaginosis

Feb 13th 2019

This is something that happens to many women,

it’s vital to understand how it comes about and what you can do about it.

What most doctors agree upon with BV is that it is multi-process occurrence between multiple bacteria and a reduction in the amount of lactobacilli in your vagina. How this problem actually forms can’t be pinpointed but there are some things that have a direct connection to this imbalance.

These are:

  • More than one sex partner and bacterial vaginosis:

Vaginal flora is the good bacteria that your vagina needs for its healthy balance and production. When it is disturbed, the bad bacterium takes over and this is where a Bacterial Vaginosis begins. Sexual activity so far is one of the few probable causes of Bacterial Vaginosis.

This isn’t to tell any one woman how sexually active they should or should not be. This is merely an informational tidbit that gets you to understanding why your BV isn’t going away or why it came back. There was a recent study actually done, that sought women with one sexual partner for a long time.

Those women only reported bacterial vaginosis-like symptoms 31% of the time compared to those of women who had multiple partners each month. There are also ways of dealing with the proper balance of your vaginal flora and multiple sex partners with dieting for example.

  • Douching and bacterial vaginosis:

Douching is a common used hygienic tool for the prevention of any vaginal odors or infections. What recent studies have shown is this method actually increases the chances of Bacterial Vaginosis. In one study, doctors found the BV occurred in 62% more of woman that used douching than those that didn’t.

What these doctors found was that douching pushes up bacteria’s up your pelvis and actually leads to pelvic inflammatory disease. The thing these doctors realized is there was a healthy balance that needn’t be disrupted for normal function.

Much like we alluded to sexual activity with multiple partners disturbs the production of flora, so does douching. It pushes up these healthy processes going on and causes a disruption that later leads to Bacterial Vaginosis.

There are ways of being hygiene conscious that don’t involve douching at all. A simple change in soap for example is considered better than anything douching ever offered. The soap that helps with your vaginal equilibrium is usually a mild or non-scented soap.

  • Smoking and bacterial vaginosis:

As a whole, smoking just isn’t good for your health point blank. There isn’t one piece of information or study out there that shows smoking even in moderation is acceptable. How this affects your vaginal health has also come to light recently.

There was a study aimed at identifying if there was any connection to BV and smoking. For this study they found 956 random women, of which 331 had dealt with BV. Of those 331 women in the study, more than 50% were smokers.

The reason we can assume smoking affects your vaginal health and makes you more susceptible to BV is because of how bad cigarettes are for you. You tend to drink more alcohol, you tend to eat worse foods and a woman’s bodily functions are slowed by smoking.

If you already don’t smoke, then you’re already helping your cause. Those women of you still reading and also still smokers, it’s best to quit if you’d like to achieve that piece of mind from Bacterial Vaginosis.

  • Antibiotics and bacterial vaginosis:

You’re wondering why mention antibiotics when it’s something used by doctors to heal BV. Antibiotics can also be given for other infections, like flu, stomach issues and so on. The recent use of antibiotics can also affect the bacterium balance in your vagina.

Many women don’t even know that taking antibiotics could also be the reason they get bacterial vaginosis in the first place. That is why it is important you consult with your doctor before taking antibiotics to make sure the dose doesn’t have any gross side effects.

What you know now is that Bacterial Vaginosis is not something that is linked to any one thing you do or don’t do. There’s a balance of things going on in your vagina that needs that balance to stay steady.

The things we’ve discussed above are most likely parts of the reason why you’ve dealt with BV once or twice now.

There’s way to be proactive about your bacterial vaginosis.

Take it on the offensive and make sure it never comes back.

Starting with healthier lifestyle goes a long way in making sure it never happens or never comes back.

Taking up any aerobics or cardio improving exercises is going to be life changing. For one you’re going to want to eat healthier. You’ll be into finding the best yogurt rich in probiotic’s with the goal of it benefitting your health and vaginal balance.

Then you’re going to find there are many more foods that have a direct benefit to not only you but to your vagina. It’s no coincidence that a healthy vagina needs a balance between two bacteria for optimal health.

The same goes for women on basic level. Finding a balance for exercising is a great start, and then comes along your diet. After that comes your sleep patterns, and your sex life and then the picture is becoming clearer. No one is saying they all need to be balance perfectly, that’s too much to ask of anyone. What’s needed is for you to know that this balance has a direct effect on your sexual health and vaginal health

Bacterial Vaginosis shouldn’t feel like bad news for you. You should look at it as a challenge to right the wrongs and make the best version of yourself a possibility. There’s treatment available from the start, there’s foods that directly help, there’s things you can cut out.

How a woman can help herself in tackling the issue head on, is by finding remedies for when it happens and using those same remedies as monthly tune ups. What this does is create a solid defense from Bacterial Vaginosis reoccurrences and also a healthier choice of lifestyle game changers.

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